Sing Along To Legitimate Rape

by Ana Moreno

As if there wasn’t enough Legitimate Rape talk and articles out there.. I thought Pretty Politics needed its own! I was searching the web and saw a great little video called Legitimate Rape. I immediately thought; what could be a better way to summarize how Republicans and Conservatives feel in regards to rape and reproductive rights, than a song? It has a great little tune and is sung by a talented young lady named Taylor Ferrera. Beware! This song has the potential of getting stuck in your head for hours. However, here’s to hoping that you are listening to more than just the tune.

There is definitely a lot of victim blaming in the Right wing of the Republican Party. Politicians like Todd Akin, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney, who support legislation such as the Sanctity of Human Life Act, contribute to the feeling that women have taken a backseat in the reproductive rights conversation. This Act in particular would ban women from taking certain kinds of contraception such as The Pill, in order to protect and prevent us from making decisions about when and on what terms to get pregnant. Legislation such as this can potentially give more rights to a fertilized egg than to a woman. So I thank brave women such as Taylor Ferrera that will not let the conversation die by creating fun and informative little ditties to keep women’s decisions about their own bodies in the forefront.

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