The Aftermath of Sandy Hook: Reaping Rewards By Hoping

Many questions are being asked in the wake of the horrific shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. In the following days and weeks, there will be countless debates on gun regulation, mental illness, the culture of violence, and many other issues that are widely perceived to be crucial in preventing massacres like this from happening in the future. While we will be paying close attention to these debates, it is important to not forget the emotional toll this tragedy has taken on this country. We dedicate this poem to the innocent who lost their lives, and to those who are in mourning.

Reaping Rewards By Hoping

by Mailrangam V. Venkataramanpresident-obama-visits-newtown-ct-20121216-192050-430

Hope gives a strong long rope
And ties faith so as not to elope
And widely extends the scope
Using hope surely one can cope

Hope does rejuvenation
Promoting jubilation
Giving mind ventilation
Stopping soul’s vacillation

Hope is a healing spark121218_newtown_vigil_lg
Helping us earn top mark
Peace for you it will earmark
Making optimistic your remark

Hope brings proper ties
Removing fear which dies
In hope alone future lies
For success hope is the price

A hoping soul is a sure winner
Hopeless mind grows thinner
Hope in a highly positive manner
Augments the mind of a planner

If hope is lost
Doom will be fast
Only gloom will last2012-12-18T191658Z_2_CBRE8BH19JF00_RTROPTP_2_USA-SHOOTING-CONNECTICUT
Sad will be the past

Hope keeps faith alive
Faith makes one survive
Hope has the power to revive
Hope to mind, do not deprive

Hope is a dashing magician
Brain’s chief technician
Hope is a skillful logician
Who can outsmart a politician

With hope, everything we own
Without hope, thorns are grown
Wherever hope is shown
There only bliss will crown

God and hope form a group
To help all they happily stoop
If a soul joins their troupe
It will never at all be in a soup.

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