Solange Knowles defies cultural norms in her fabulous wedding photos

By Nicole

So this is what a a typical wedding photo looks like:















This is what Solange Knowles and her new husband Alan Ferguson looked like on their wedding day Sunday:











Talk about Breaking the Internet. When “wedding” comes to mind, we often think of elegant up-dos, beautiful gowns and family members we haven’t seen in ages.

Solange decided to break free from these traditional customs by donning a white jumpsuit, a cape and a beautiful afro reminiscent of Angela Davis. Alan also challenged style expectations for grooms. Dressed in all white, the newlywed rocked a Rick Ross-style beard that is the complete opposite of the clean-shaven groom we normally see.

Even Blue Ivy had to get in on the ‘fro action.




























Blue Ivy’s hairstyle is not only a nod to her aunt, but a big “FUCK YOU” to every soulless individual who has the nerve to critique the child’s hair. Once again, King B makes a statement without saying a damn thing.

Solange’s wedding fierceness in New Orleans was accentuated by a group photo that disobeys the “only the bride can wear white” rule. Of course, some folks are already saying the photo reminds them of a “cult” and Solange is “creepy”. I think it’s a gorgeous display of black womanhood. But hey, that’s just my opinion. Besides, do we expect anything Solange-related to fit into our tightly-packed box of societal norms?


I think not.

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