Pretty Politics espouses a core-value system that is comprised of The 3 E’s:

Equality: We are proponents of this in every sense of the word.  Diversity_Matters_photo_without_wording__ Shedding light on the plight of the underrepresented and underprivileged in America and beyond is the driving force behind much of the content you will encounter here. Voting rights, social and environmental justice, the intersection of pop culture and politics, feminism, and  Washington D.C.  rhetoric are just a few of the many issues PP tackles.

Engagement: stock-footage-portrait-of-young-beautiful-muslim-wearing-hijab-using-tablet-computer-outdoors-in-the-cityWe are firm believers in strong, passionate, and informed opinions that advance civil discourse. Everyone from millennials to baby boomers (and everyone in between) should feel free and open to discuss some of the most contentious yet important issues of our time.  This means that vitriolic dialogue will not be accepted, as this does nothing to contribute to the conversation. However, we DO welcome intense and lively discussions in which there is substantive disagreement.

Empowerment: civil-rightsWe believe empowerment comes as a result of engagement.  PP wants YOU to find personal satisfaction in engaging with us, and hopefully this leads to action. Being politically active offers a myriad of possibilities and avenues through which we can express ourselves. We want to provoke intellectual curiosity for every person who engages with us. So whether you tweet, demonstrate, volunteer, or cast your ballot, we hope that PP can help motivate you to experience personal empowerment and the ability to effect change.

These responsibilities are the foundation of Pretty Politics, and will not be compromised in our mission to contribute to the positive and inclusive uplift of humanity in particular and life in general.

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