Wisconsin Recall Fail & Looking Forward

by Jenifer Earlier this past week there was a recall election for governor in Wisconsin. But apparently no one knew about it; at least the Wisconsin Democrats didn’t get the memo. Otherwise, why did over a million people sign a petition to make the recall election a reality, yet fail to show at the polls? … Continue reading

The Absolute Latest: Santorum wins Alabama and Mississippi.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum continues to extend the Republican primary season…much to the dismay of the presumed frontrunner, Mitt Romney. Following a decent performance on Super Tuesday, Romney failed to prove that he has any conservative credentials with voters in the Deep South last night. Romney’s professed love of “cheesy grits” and his prideful … Continue reading

All rejoice, Anwar al- Awlaki Is Dead!

by Jenifer Anwar Al-Awlaki was an American citizen. There is no declared war with Yemen and he was not a combatant but a preacher. He deserved a trial, like any American citizen. If they wanted him, they should have gone in, got him, brought him back and let him face a jury of his peers. … Continue reading

Middle East Roundup…& Have You Heard What’s Happening on Wall Street?

by Jenifer Gaddafi is still hanging on somewhere. He seems to have found his new niche as deposed leader with a cause. This is a fairly good place to be historically speaking if he can find sponsors, or if he manages to have tucked away enough wealth to be able to fund a guerrilla army. … Continue reading

Throwback Thursdays: Interracial Couple denied Marriage License

*Originally written on October, 17th, 2009. by Nicole In the year 2009, you wouldn’t think that people would still be denied the right to get married simply because they are of different ethnic origins—not in America–not in 2009. You wouldn’t think that someone like Justice Keith Bardwell would be serving the state of Louisiana–be denying people marriage licenses because of … Continue reading

Celebrate 9/11: An Orgy Of Glorifying The Dead And Revenge Seeking

by Jenifer Some would say that this is in bad taste. Those who lost relatives in the events or the wars afterwards, I have true respect for and wish to give them my whole hearted condolences. But for the politicians and business men making money and corrupting our political system in the name of the … Continue reading

Professor exposes “Climate of Corruption”.

by Nicole For the past several years, global warming has been one of the most heavily-debated issues in American culture. Powerful politicians, passionate environmentalists, and skillful pundits have relentlessly emphasized the importance of addressing the issue as a crisis; something that requires our immediate attention. Larry Bell, an endowed professor of space architecture at the … Continue reading

Values, emotion and Islam.

Although the clip above is about 10 seconds, it could possibly bring up a night’s worth of conversation. This was during the 2008 presidential campaign. At the time, some news organizations were broadcasting/printing misleading stories about then-Senator Obama’s religion. When Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy shockingly stated that Barack Obama had been “raised as a … Continue reading

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: An open letter.

We live in a nation that values our Constitution–particularly the first ten amendments—a.k.a. the Bill of Rights. Our first amendment protects the right to express our opinion without fear of legal action being taken against us. While it is important to respect the fact that others are entitled to their opinion(whether we agree or not), … Continue reading

Big Ben: What to think.

Either Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger has a serious issue, or he is one unfortunate fellow. On March 5, 2010, the alleged sexual assault of a Georgia college student by the QB came to light. Despite the investigation continuing for over a month, the prosecutor Fred Bright ultimately decided not to pursue a case. He … Continue reading

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