“Conventional” Wisdom and Previewing The Debates

by Nicole Looking back on the Republican and Democratic conventions, the differences between party philosophies have never been greater. That being said, the Democrats decisively won this battle. 5. OPTICS: The stage setup in Charlotte, where the Dems’ convention was held, was more aesthetically pleasing than that of the Republicans in Tampa. From color contrast … Continue reading

Sing Along To Legitimate Rape

by Ana Moreno As if there wasn’t enough Legitimate Rape talk and articles out there.. I thought Pretty Politics needed its own! I was searching the web and saw a great little video called Legitimate Rape. I immediately thought; what could be a better way to summarize how Republicans and Conservatives feel in regards to … Continue reading

The Absolute Latest: Santorum wins Alabama and Mississippi.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum continues to extend the Republican primary season…much to the dismay of the presumed frontrunner, Mitt Romney. Following a decent performance on Super Tuesday, Romney failed to prove that he has any conservative credentials with voters in the Deep South last night. Romney’s professed love of “cheesy grits” and his prideful … Continue reading

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